Who is more beautiful: Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox?

Question by Narci ssist: Who is more beautiful: Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox?
Who do you think is the more beautiful woman from Friends, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) or Courtney Cox (Monica)?

Personally, I don’t think Rachel is that beautiful anymore, now that she got so old. But I really think Courtney Cox is pretty. What about you?

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Answer by Nadya
Jennifer Aniston

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10 Responses to “Who is more beautiful: Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox?”

  • Light Ceasar:

    I used to juggle with this question for some time but, you have to go with the obvious here. Jennifer Anniston is quite possibly the finest caucasian woman in Hollywood. In my personal opinion.

  • Jen M:

    They are both attractive. To me Courtney looks older. I think Jennifer is prettier because she has a softness about her that Courtney lacks.

  • pengworm:

    I think Courtney is more of what you’d call a classic beauty. However Jennifer has a sexiness and cuteness about her. I think she’s aged better too. I know I’d love to trade bodies and hair with her!

  • Sean:

    Jennifer Aniston – fabulous

  • mikey r:

    courtney cox is prettier…jennifer aniston is ehh…annoying lol

  • Rebekah H:

    Courtney Cox with long hair but she got too skinny. Jennifer Aniston now.

  • Rica:

    They’re both very beautiful women, but i think the Courtney is prettier, she has an edginess about her that i like.

    I feel bad for Jen though, she really needs to find herself a man worth her time.

  • who's that girl???:

    i like pheobe

  • Aaron:

    Jennifer Aniston. She’s hot.

  • Lily:

    They are both beautiful in different ways. I can’t compare them.

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