Question by Cool K: down???
I went on this mroning and it said this:

“The Netflix web site is temporarily unavailable.

Our site is temporarily down. We’re working hard to get the site up as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. You can contact Netflix Customer Service at 1-888-638-3549.
— Your friends at Netflix”

Don’t mean to be a bugger but my curiosity got the best of me, Whats up?

Best answer:

Answer by fluxtrode
They are trying to stifle anymore orders for Tuesday’s releases.

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3 Responses to “ down???”

  • Phantom:

    I guess with the holiday season, something crashed. Oh well, should be back up soon.

  • C:

    i am getting the same message and it’s really bothering me… If they receive my movies today then they will send what is in my que. I want to change that before they send them out but since i couldn’t get on this morning to do that then I couldn’t change it… so might be an angry customer here…

  • Pammy:

    Netflix does this from time to time. Don’t know the cause but hopefully they will have it back up soon.

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