What’s the name of the movie Sandra Bullock starred in?

Question by amo: What’s the name of the movie Sandra Bullock starred in?
I remember watching a movie a long time ago starring Sandra Bullock (I think) as the mother of a girl who enters a beauty pageant, but the girl doesn’t know that Sandra Bullock’s character is her real mother, and thinks that Sandra Bullock is her pretend mother’s best friend, and at the end of the movie, every one finds out the truth. I’m not sure if this is the exact plot, but I know it’s something along the lines of this. Please let me know what the name of this movie is, or if it’s even a movie at all. I hope this makes sense…

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  • MystMoonstruck:

    If you turned it around, it sounds like this one:
    Beautiful (2000)
    starring Minnie Driver, Joey Lauren Adams, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Kathleen Turner, Gary Collins
    IMDb synopsis:
    Determined to win the Miss American Miss pageant, Mona is ready to sacrifice anything and everything to guarantee herself the crown, including her own daughter. She manages to persuade her best friend to raise the child as her own since Miss AM can’t be a mother. But, just when this beauty queen wannabe thinks her prize is in sight, she’s surprised by a come-from-behind competitor: love.
    Here’s the movie trailer:

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