Sandra Bullock wins a Golden Globe for ‘The Blind Side’! – 2010

The biggest comeback of the year. The same way Mickey did the last year!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Sandra Bullock wins a Golden Globe for ‘The Blind Side’! – 2010”

  • John Bigbootee:

    Yeah…Dumb Ass……You woke up the Next morning and found out that your Loser thug husband had been Banging “the illustrated woman”. Had did that “bad boy” thing work out for you Wench? Try marrying a Soldier next time….someone who Won’t Fuck you over!

  • hanenaa:

    The blind side is so ironic to her life!!

  • carolyn830ful:

    Sandra te merecias el globo de oro y mucho mas…. tus fans del mundo te amamos por siempre!!!

  • TahMLVC:


  • dinasztie:

    Gabby and Carey were ROBBED! 

  • hiphopbunny333:

    lol when she was thanking her then husband >:( i was pretending it was directed at RDJ cause he was so happy for her and he looked amazing :)

  • Freundlichkeit82:

    I sincerely believe that Sandra Bullock is a very talented and precious actress whose work – especially in THE BLIND SIDE, THE PREMONITION, LOVE FLOATS, THE PROPOSAL, 28 DAYS as well as TWO WEEKS NOTICE – is great and most enjoyable to watch. Moreover, she is a real rolemodel! May there be light, good health, love and peace in her life as well as in the lives of these students that she aims to support. Happy Holidays!

  • terialiss44:

    Robert Downey Jr was so happy for Sandra! It’s so sweet :)

  • youzdabest:

    Are you kidding me!!!? Thats Mickey FUCKING Rourke

  • DirkyPower:

    “Ihr könnt jetzt ins Bett. Aber Zähne putzen” LOL

  • DuncanDunn:

    who the fuck is the cowboy reading out the nominations..he seems so unappreciating

  • newflava89AGAIN:

    again Emily Blunt robbed!

  • SFALyrics:

    Ich liebe es wenn sie deutsch spricht <3

    I love it when she speaks german <3

    Love you Sandra <33

  • AcademyAwardsPerson:

    Mickey Rourke looks so pissed off. “Seriously, this bitch?”

  • castorp68:

    Clever, funny, I like her so much but, sorry, in terms of performance, I think Carrey Mulligna deserved it more.

  • tennisgeekscorpio:

    So unfortunate. Asshole of a husband.

  • sidrahsiddiqui:

    Sandra was really eloquent in her speech. i jus wish she knew jesse better to have left him before.

  • Buzz0Killington:

    4 out of 5 is ok, I guess.

  • SexyStudChris:

    you came close =)

  • SexyStudChris:

    dam, you came close !

  • MultiEcyoj:

    if only she knows whats jesse’s doing behind sandy’s back:(

  • MultiEcyoj:

    jen aniston and gerard buttler are struck with sandy’s speech:)

  • KristianKronicles:

    Wow, 4 out of 5 is pretty damn impressive

  • roseatvirginia:

    no doubt that is carey´s mother sitting right next to her! they look so similar

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