How tall would justin bieber be if he was standing next to 6’2 Drake?

Question by : How tall would justin bieber be if he was standing next to 6’2 Drake?
i seen a picture at the mmvas and justin bieber was standing next to 6’2 drake and justin bieber was right about where drakes shoulder was. how tall is that? i would say about 5’7. maybe? what do u guys think?

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Answer by Dr.Thumbs Down
Very close to the ground

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  • angelLockx:

    hm i don’t think justin bieber’s 5’7″. i read somewhere that he was 5’3. he seems to be around that height.

  • Adriana:

    he would be shorter

  • taylorswift:

    He would be pretty short. Justin is like 5’3 so like maybe almost to his shoulder. Maybe even a little shorter. I mean think about it a 6’2 person and a 5’3 person. Drake’s like TALL and so??? Justin Bieber would= short standing next to him, but I like Justin Bieber. He’s just short nothing to be ashamed of, he looks great, and millions of girls love him! :)

  • Freddled Gruntbuggly:

    It depends. Is she wearing heels or flats, and are we counting the three inches of hockey-helmet hair that she always wears?

  • DP:

    He’s around 5’3” There’s pictures of him with the Jonas Brothers and he’s shorter than them and they’re definitely not tall.
    BUT have you ever noticed Justin’s shoes. I heard they make his sneakers for him specially and they have like lifts inside to give him the appearance of being taller. Adds a few inches so he won’t seem so short.
    This pic of him with Drake, could you see their feet? Maybe Justin was standing on a box…

  • pass:

    hahaha. he’s a midget. i say about 5″5?

  • ==^.^==:

    He is 5′ 3 1/2
    pretty short huh?
    He also weighs 106 pounds!!!!
    Did you know that if he went on a wii fit and told it his hight and it weighed him, it would say that he was overweight?
    Odd huh?
    Also, thanks for not being rude about justin, i dont know why people hate him?
    Maybe they guys are just jealous cuz justin could get almost any girl he wants.

  • WeWantJBieber:

    Justin Bieber is 5’6 (: I’m a hardcore Belieber…no not stalker! haha

  • sunny43006:

    Justin is about 5’5 to 5’6.. but he still has a lot of time to grow. I don’t think he will be very tall when hes older.

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