Do new movies release at midnight?

Question by : Do new movies release at midnight?
Specifically, The Dictator. Would it be coming out at midnight on May 16 (so 12am on May 17), or midnight on May 15 (12am on May 16). By this I mean to say, for example, May 16, 10pm + 2hrs = 12am (May 17).

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Answer by Mentallydull
It all depends on the movie and which city you live in.

Where I live it’s only the huge movies that have midnight screenings (Avengers, Batman, etc.).

If you lived in NYC, LA or somewhere equally as big, you might have better luck finding midnight screenings of newer, smaller movies.

Just re-read your question and don’t think I answered it properly. If a movie opens on May 16 then the earliest it would play is 12 am on May 16 (or the night of May 15).

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  • Sophia:

    May 16th is its release date so on May 15th is the night you would wait to see it at Midnight.

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