Christian Bale Loses His Mind On Set

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 Responses to “Christian Bale Loses His Mind On Set”

  • devax1986:

    Youngturks, I think you meant Ed Shultz.

  • YoungGrizzly82:


  • KenniTheKid:

    This is kinda Messing up Batman for me…. I can’t see this Prick as the Dark Knight anymore…. What a fucking Dick man it’s a goddamn mistake.

  • MrGearsOfWar96:

    1:55 is the best “He doesn’y give A FACK!!!!”

  • 64jamesbond:


  • JennyCeasar:

    I see the anchor’s point but also it could be said that the reason the filmmaker was so quite is because some people like to respond to anger with calm voices because it makes them feel superior to the person yelling. I have had that happen with me. They feel like they’re better than you ’cause their not shouting. It’s a form of self righteousness, they actually said “I think you’re just mad because I’m calm and you’re yelling” and I was like “who do you THINK you are”?

  • Those4awesomechicks:

    poor poor poor poor poor poor poor poor poor dude.

  • SexehBlonde22:

    anger management holy shit

  • bopman500:

    oh my god he’s so awesome! <3


    My Hero :’)

  • BrandonUkelelekid14:


  • TheDarkmagi:

    The DP was unprofessional. Your right, he is getting paid a millions, but can you imagine how much stress that puts on him. He’s trying to focus on the scene and give a good performance and this guy just walks right into the view of the camera which ruins the shot. If he doesn’t perform well his career is over.

  • MyGwendel:

    Bale was totally justified. The crew are supposed to be professionals and know how to behave on set without disturbing the scene. This guy totally deserved to be fired.

  • MyGwendel:

    I love when some brokeass nobody comments about how people who have more money than them are supposed to behave, as if their little self-righteous opinion means two shits to someone worth millions of dollars. Grow up, the people you’re judging didn’t rise to the top of their profession by being nice, they got there by being better at what they do than everybody else. For every successful person, there are a million jealous haters saying “You’re mean!”.Every successful person doesn’t give a shit.

  • MyGwendel:

    cenk is the ugliest thing on tv, and his crosseyed mongoloid girlfriend is a close second. can’t believe the cameras don’t break when he gets in front of them. “blahblahblah”, no substance, no insight, just noise noise noise, every time they open their mouths. 


    I love when someone comments about Bale’s Over the top Blow Up and yelling, saying that these actors have a lot of stress and that many other normal people blow up on another person and they’re lucky it’s not being recorded. Here’s what I have to say about that…Normal People Aren’t Getting Paid Millions of dollars a month or year. So when an over paid actor blows up like that it’s not cool and it’s down right disgusting and disrespectful!

  • suckittomcat:

    I don’t work on movie sets but the DP had done it at least once before, hence the blow up. Cenk is wrong; They were not all the same distance from the mic. You can hear that. The others were NOT whispering, they were talking in normal tones. Also, I’m an amatur photographer and even I know that the DP is not some slob working in the “background” as Cenk put it. For a big movie like this the DP is a VIP with regard to production. He has a critical job. Nevertheless, I agree that he fucked up.

  • MsHeheimsofunny:


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