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Kate Upton And Some Other Folks Went to The Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Kate Upton White House Correspondents' Dinner Sofia Vergara White House Correspondents' Dinner Malin Akerman White House Correspondents' Dinner Zooey Deschanel White House Correspondents' Dinner Charlize Theron White House Correspondents' Dinner Kim Kardashian White House Correspondents' Dinner Reese Witherspoon White House Correspondents' Dinner

Posted by Photo Boy The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner is an annual gathering of celebrities, politicians and press for the expressed purpose of raising money for journalism scholarships and simultaneously honoring professionals in the field for excellence. So of course this year the whole event was overshadowed by Rick Santorum (maybe) taking a picture Read More …

‘Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Begins, Asks Us To Leave the House


Not to be outdone by the competitions’ recent outpourings of trailers for trailers, The Dark Knight Rises is now offering up a preview of individual frames from its final trailer, which debuts this Friday on prints of The Avengers. It’s all the action of the trailer, none of the bothersome persistence of vision! Of course, this being a Batman viral campaign, the WB marketing team isn’t just going to reveal these images as readily as they reveal that the anonymous vigilante known as The Batman is, in fact, muscular. You’re going to have to work for these frames. And by work, I mean the modern-day man’s work of going outside and taking a cell phone photo.

tdk-viral.jpg has a list of locations worldwide where, if you venture to look around, you will apparently see something resembling the crude bat symbol above (via). If you or someone else takes a photo of said graffiti–making sure that “location services” or “store location” or whatever is enabled on your camera device–and tweet/email it to #tdkr07202012 or tdkr07202012[at], a corresponding frame from the new trailer will be revealed here. If we, as a Batman-loving community of citizens with location-recording photographic devices unlock them all, presumably we’ll get the trailer early. Or, if nothing else, someone will cobble the frames into an animated gif, and that will function as a silent trailer over which we can imagine our own ideal Bane-mumbles and Bat-growls.

Or maybe the photos will together form a collage depicting a female Riddler, and you’ll all finally say, “Wow, I Watch Stuff was right all along: There IS a LadyRiddler. And she’s BEAUTIFUL.” Probably just a trailer, though.

The Five-Year Engagement — $11.2M

A couple named Tom (Jason Segel) and Violet (Emily Blunt) find their wedding plans interrupted by a number of disappointments and surprises over the course of five years, as Violet is forced to move to Michigan for school and Tom becomes frustrated by missed job opportunities in this romantic comedy from producer Judd Apatow. Nicholas Stoller directed from a script co-written by Segel, and the supporting cast includes Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, and Rhys Ifans. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi [more]

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band In Concert – Los Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 26: Singer Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band perform in concert at the Los Angeles Memorial… 

Justin Bieber: Collaborating with Kanye West on Believe Album

He’s reached a level of stardom where he can get pretty much whoever he wants to work with him on music, and Justin Bieber and Kanye West!

The “One Less Lonely Girl” singer’s bodyguard Kenny Hamilton tweeted a picture of Justin and Kanye in the studio.

Hamilton added the caption, “Putting the finishing touches on the album and it’s gonna be special,” followed by, “Also witnessed a current legend and one future legend make magic once again … I love this thing we call music!”

As for his new video for “Boyfriend,” Justin told press, “The concept of this video, I mean, it’s not like a steady concept. It’s not like ‘Justin follows this girl to this spot.’ No, it’s a bunch of amazing scenes: like a fire scene, we have an ice scene.”

“It’s kind of like bouncing back and forth. And then there’s scenes of me and just a bunch of girl dancers, and just some great shots, great artistic shots, great shots of me smiling. It’s fun.”

U Smile Justin Bieber Lyrics

*I Do Not Own This Song* Lyrics Oh Yeah Mmmm I’d wait on you forever and a day Hand and foot Your world is my world Yeah Ain’t no way you’re ever gon’ get Any less than you should Cause baby You smile I smile (oh) Cause whenever You smile I smile Hey hey hey Your lips, my biggest weakness Shouldn’t have let you know I’m always gonna do what they say (hey) If you need me I’ll come running From a thousand miles away When you smile I smile (oh whoa) You smile I smile Hey Baby take my open heart and all it offers Cause this is as unconditional as it’ll ever get You ain’t seen nothing yet I won’t ever hesitate to give you more Cause baby (hey) You smile I smile (whoa) You smile I smile Hey hey hey You smile I smile I smile I smile I smile You smile I smile Make me smile baby Baby you won’t ever work for nothing You are my ins and my means now With you there’s no in between I’m all in Cause my cards are on the table And I’m willing and I’m able But I fold to your wish Cause it’s my command Hey hey hey You smile I smile (whoa) You smile I smile Hey hey hey You smile I smile I smile I smile I smile You smile I smile Oh You smile I smile You smile I smile

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Cameron Diaz Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK June 2012

With her new movie “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” set to hit theaters on May 18th, Cameron Diaz amped up promotions by landing the cover of the June 2012 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine.

Set to hit newsstands on May 3rd, the 39-year-old actress offered up a range of flirty poses for the Tom Munro shot spread while chatting about her love of British guys, London and her friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Highlights from Miss Diaz’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Harper’s Bazaar UK!

On having a soft spot for British men:
“I love their sense of humor and the sense of chivalry and charm. It’s something that is innately a part of the culture – we don’t have that over here, it’s not the same in America.”

On her admiration of Colin Firth:
“He’s the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it’s comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special. He’s got that British honesty.”

On her love for London:
“What I love about London is all the green spaces – you know how every little neighborhood will have a little park or a square…. I like to get walking in a city. I always find myself in very interesting places. I love London.”

On her relationship with fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow:
“We became very close after my dad’s death. She reached out and it was very sweet. We bonded on that.”

Why won’t my Netflix work on my PS3?

Question by : Why won’t my Netflix work on my PS3?
It normally works on my PS3, but for the last day or so it has gotten to the “loading netflix” screen, then at the bottom when it says “retrieving titles” it just stops working and I get the “can’t connect to Netflix” screen. HELP I NEED MY INUYASHA BACK!

Best answer:

Answer by Duval Jr
Psn and netflix is down due to sony getting hacked.

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