‘Prometheus’ Viral: Peter Weyland Gives a TED Talk, Greek Mythology Lesson


Those of you familiar with the Alien franchise will likely recognize the name “Weyland-Yutani.” Set up in the first film through logo only and implicitly referred to as “the company,” and later fleshed out some by Paul Reiser and co., Weyland-Yutani played the Alien series’ stock role as greedy corporate entity that values profit and alien egg acquisition over human life. (Reiser is the 1%, occupy planetoid LV-426, etc.) In Ridley Scott’s Alien sort-of-prequel, Prometheus, Guy Pearce plays Peter Weyland, head of a pre-Yutani-merger Weyland Corporation. So, as a viral stunt, here’s Pearce giving an in-character TED talk from the future, telling the titular story of Prometheus and describing his ambitions to create synthetic life. Compared to the usual TED talk, it comes across as pretty ominous. Weyland probably should have kept it a bit lighter by not saying man had become God, and maybe by wearing some casual jeans.

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