Now Édgar Ramírez Might Be ‘Star Trek’ Villain, Who Is Still Probably Khan


So often with a rejected lover, the dismissal of their unwanted advances sends them straight into the arms of a similar substitute, and with Benicio del Toro rebuffing J.J. Abrams’ offers to join him on a romantic journey through the stars, Abrams already has his eye on another man who knows how to wear a beret.

According to Variety, the director’s top pick for Star Trek 2‘s villain role is now Édgar Ramírez, the Venezuelan actor who last year won praise for playing the lead in Carlos and earlier this year was rumored for the then-unknown, top-secret villain role in The Man of Steel. Similarly, the exact evil part Ramírez is now rumored for is also still unknown, though it’s heavily rumored to be a reprisal of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan‘s wrathful titular villain.

Spanish actor Jordi Mollà is also supposedly being eyed as a back-up, which also strongly hints at Khan: the original portrayer of the villain, Ricardo Montalbán, was himself Mexican, and to J.J. Abrams, any dude who speaks Spanish is Mexican enough for him. He said that, verbatim, when I asked him what Lost was about.

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