Resident Evil:AfterLife 3D Jill?How?ending credits?

Question by Sean R: Resident Evil:AfterLife 3D Jill?How?ending credits?
Now all the hardcore gaming resident evil fans know where Im coming from when I ask this,How could Jill be dressed like how she was on Resident Evil 5 Game with the thing on her chest and everything like that didnt lead up to that point yet in the movie,Like for one they were in Africa,and Chris was with Sheva and my God the movie just confused the hell out of me,somene please give me an answer that makes the most sense?

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Answer by CROM-
The resident evil films do not follow official canon I believe.

The similarities are there so they can get the fans talking about it.

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  • Seymore Asses:

    The films do not follow the games. But they do take characters and references from the games.

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