WonderCon 2010 – Resident Evil: Afterlife Interview with Milla Jovovich

This is a brief interview with Milla Jovovich about “Resident Evil: Afterlife” at the 2010 edition of WonderCon in San Francisco, CA. Please excuse the sound quality. I shot this with the Canon 7D on the go and was limited to the scratch mic. For more information and interviews, visit www.screeninglog.com & cinemaverdict.com

25 Responses to “WonderCon 2010 – Resident Evil: Afterlife Interview with Milla Jovovich”

  • ForeverLost108:

    @newbrood87: Someone needs some anger managment classes ;)

    I see the RE movies and RE games as two completly diffrent things. Did I wanne see an original adaptation of the games with the real Claire and Chris and all? YES! But those movies are entertaining, they are not great but I enjoy them and that is my opinion so don’t insult strangers and learn some respect.

  • newbrood87:


  • MrAnthony78666:

    heard she had a kid some time back. did she get a hubby, or did some guy just get lucky? lol

  • MultiMillaJovovich:

    I Love You <3<3

  • cinderellaman74:

    zombies and hot chicks that kick ass all my favorite

  • HalfeeowRespawn:

    The movie sucks so bad but she still so hot :D

  • 4506227:

    I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you MILLA JOVOVICH

  • 4506227:

    I love you milla a fan of yours

  • LeSingedelEspace:

    1:13 Yummy Yummy !

  • MrNoobWarrior:


  • xwaystranger:

    Wish I hadn’t seen her out of character. Typical Moron.

  • Mitchimus21:

    Who’s the fuckwit in the background talking!

  • Raymondhe437:

    Milla’s laugh like Emily Deschnel (Bones) is soooo cool and sexy!

  • Cannarea:

    dayummm milla! you sexehh!!

  • yulawah:

    i love the way’s her acting !!! COOL !!!

  • legorocks3:

    @socoolage11 Brunette/black is her natural hair color

  • legorocks3:

    i love you milla.
    but i hate this movie

  • frapuccino4:

    shes so cool <3
    and I think “aw you know..” its her favorite phrase XDDD she always says this

  • XxsugarinjectionsxX:

    Shes pretty and i like her but she doesn’t know how to dress herself…

  • michealati:

    BIG fan of Milla!! cute toes too, lol.

  • socoolage11:

    She looks so Good as a Brunette! It so works for her. DONT EVERY GO BLONDE AGAIN MILLA! XD

  • socoolage11:

    She looks so Good as a Brunette! It so works for her. DONT EVERY GO BLONDE AGAIN MILLA!

  • Uroboros85:

    Milla gat dammit how come u didnt get paul to play and beat the games ! and take a shit load of notes and make good Resident Evil franchise!

  • max19088:

    i had to comment again and say mila is hot cute and i cant picture any one else playing alice character shes an icon a hot one

  • max19088:

    where the hell are all you haters come on show your self the movie was a success top of the box office the 3d was amazing and this one actually had that resident evil effect cloest to the game we no its not based on the game if it was we would no wa happens but its gd they change things round and do cool things but in this one they foucs on other aspects from the game excutioner/chris redfield etc WHERE R THE BORED YOUTUBE KIDS NOW HAAAAHA honeslty ppl moan and still go to watch it it was superb

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