Deadliest Warrior: Legends (2011) HD | XBLA Trial Gameplay

Gameplay from “Deadliest Warrior: Legends”, XBLA Trial Gameplay Selected Best of E3 by Deadliest Warrior: Legends is the highly anticipated sequel to last summer’s top selling game. Take control of history’s greatest warriors and face the likes of Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hannibal, Hernan Cortes, Shaka Zulu, Sun Tzu, Vlad the Impaler and William Wallace. With enhanced graphics and 9 arenas, new fighting options like grapples, pushes, ring outs, feints, projectile targeting, and new final strikes will expand your tactical options! Also included, a new strategy game called Generals! Players take control of the Battlefield Simulator from the TV show and play 1 of the 9 legendary warrior campaigns and unlock abilities that the actual warriors used to get an edge in battle. The game includes exclusive avatar costumes and helmets. Owners of the original game receive a bonus weapon for every character! New Zombie and Slice modes can be played independently or together, with a hidden character to battle against! For more gameplayvideos, check out the channel of my friend Mamboi Played, recorded (with FRAPS/TotalMedia Extreme) and transcoded (with VirtualDub/Sony Vegas) by ! All gameclips are played and recorded on CPU: Intel Q6600 @ 2,4GHZ MoBo: Asus P5Q (P45 Chipset) RAM: 3 GB (DDR2-1066) GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 560-Ti Twin Frozr II/OC HDD: Seagate 7200.11 (500 GB) 7200.12 (500 GB) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32Bit

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  • SpruceDread4578:

    @McAkomx If it is 800 MP, then 10 dollars on the PSN. Just convert it to cash and boom done lol but I just got the original and I still like it.

  • The723343:

    this is a beast game

  • TheXeecutioner:

    is this game worth 10 dollars

  • Rolfchoppa007:

    @iconicmegs yes both from the xbox live marketplace using microsoft points and can be downloaded as a trial. Yet owners of the orginal will recieve new weapons anf arenas. In the trial you can only use “battle” mode with Alexander the Great and Vald the Impaler. Unlike the last trial for Deadliest warriors1 you can customize your character by their armor, short range, longrange, and midrange weaponary and fight in aGreek Ampitheater with a giant hole in the middle just like in “300”

  • Guitardude21x:

    has anybody ever tied on this game i did on the trial!! my arm was cut off and i still lived then i killed the other guy after he died i just fell and died from my arm cutting off so it was a tie

  • iconicmegs:

    wats PSN

  • iconicmegs:

    can you download it on xbox360

  • calebh146:

    This game sucks sooooo much…..

  • jasonlee538:


  • RM945:

    @MrLeCro the psn version will come out on july 26th

  • bladeface100:

    @1211subzero laid*

  • DumberSuperDUDE:

    @TheKruse96 >:l

  • TheKruse96:

    @DumberSuperDUDE the cake is a lie ;)

  • McAkomx:

    @freizle2 You can choose with which warrior you want to fight and against whom you compete. You can also determine the equipment that is worn in battle (armor, melee weapons, ranged weapons) for both sides. In the trail version you can only select Vlad the Impaler and Alexander the great and both have two sets of equipment to choose from. To shorten the video, the scenes of the character selection and equipment were cut.

  • freizle2:

    does it give you random people evrytime you battle?

  • MrLeCro:

    @McAkomx yes It is out for PSN to but some how I cant find it :S

  • McAkomx:

    @MrLeCro Yes it is. I’m not sure about the PSN version, but for Xbox it is available for 800 Points on the live marketplace.

  • MrLeCro:

    is this game out now or what?

  • djmasterremix:

    2:36 = PWND

  • 2072gizmo:

    the game would be more kick ass if vlad hand the hand cannon.

  • DumberSuperDUDE:

    @Killrake what? it is?

  • Killrake:

    @DumberSuperDUDE The cake is a lie!

  • ninjas4daween:

    Deadliest warrior, Justin beiber vs Attila the hun

  • DumberSuperDUDE:

    i commented, now i demand cake!

  • hammerhead51294:

    Thumbs up if you’re a heterosexual male!

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