‘Avatar’ Sequels To Film In Manhattan Beach

bit.ly – Click to Subscribe! James Cameron is taking Avatar to the Beach, Well at least production — get the details up next! Hey there I’m Chelsea Cannell with your clevver movies update on Avatar 2 and 3. Cameron, who will of course be behind the camera and responsible for writing the scripts for the upcoming avatar sequels has decided that instead of making a return to the Hercules campus in Playa Del Rey where he did principal photography for the first flick, he’ll head to Manhattan Beach Studios for parts 2 and 3. The switch came after problems with recent construction made a return to Hercules loot like a bad idea — so MBS will get cameron, avatar and maybe even be the new home of his Lightstorm Entertainment. So much is still left to be done before these flicks hit theaters in 2014 and 2015 but finding a home means the man behind it all can finally get the ball rolling even faster. If you get a chance, let us know what your hoping to see out of the Avatar Sequels and then click subscribe to get more updates on these projects as we have them. Till next time, Keep it Clevver!
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25 Responses to “‘Avatar’ Sequels To Film In Manhattan Beach”

  • thePEOPLEperson1:

    3 years. I guess I have got Captain America , Avengers, and Spiderman to hold me over till then.

  • shadyshark4:

    i want to see more of pandora

  • stanwicwickto:

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  • chapririllo:

    watc.hm.ovi.e.o.nli.ne on moviemmm.co.cc

  • kistajk:

    Boring film

  • cresuatovgwin:

    w.at.c.h.movie.o.nli.neon moviemmm.co.cc

  • 11maidenfan:

    James cameron looks like jigsaw

  • YourSoulEmbarks:

    @GreenDay10x it still a great movie. i wanna see you come up with something :)

  • YourSoulEmbarks:

    @vidwatcher123100 my fave movie lol not a fail at all

  • YourSoulEmbarks:

    I thought it was going to be filming in Manhattan Beach, New York lol

  • TheRedRaptor2012:

    James Cameron’s live action movies really kicked ass.

  • GreenDay10x:

    It’s just the fucking Pocahontas painted blue!

  • SpiralOut011:

    @vidwatcher123100 The first one was written as part of a trilogy with a story that could stand on its own if the sequels were never made. Trust me, I was involved with the shoot in New Zealand where most of the live action was shot, contrary to what is claimed in this clip.

  • omgbababa:

    @ilatinoking3 dont forget the first avatar took 4 years to make so it makes sense if its gonna be as good!

  • vidwatcher123100:

    wtf sequels… thats retarded how can you make a movie that ended already. avatar already seems like a fail and then 3 would half to be a prequel to the first.

  • vidwatcher123100:

    wtf sequels thats retarded how can you make a movie that ended already. What is avatar 2 going to be a fail and then 3 a prequel to the first.

  • sciguy181:

    @LegionOf3 Interpreter of Eywa

  • sciguy181:

    @ilatinoking3 It’s the end of Earth, not Pandora.

  • SlaginnMetal247:

    as much as i loved avatar and the fans are demanding a sequel….. i think the idea of avatar 2 is horrible horrible idea… in my opinion they need to make a better video game since the one they released before the movie sucked ballz…

  • elliments:

    what other movies this guy made

  • Kilroy93:


  • CaptainViral84:

    it would be so cool if we can be avatars

  • LegionOf3:

    Avatar made roughly 2.7 billion in the box office…..
    Avatar 2……4.5 billion…..
    Avatar 3…..6.8 billion…… I bet you that shit will happen

  • RetardShippiddge:

    Avatar is way overrated.

  • DulceEscapee01:

    @EePee9 I hope so too.

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