Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D In Theaters 9/10/2010

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25 Responses to “Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D In Theaters 9/10/2010”

  • 30kitagreen:

    this was better then extinction.

  • starbugkittey:

    this movie is sick

  • EJ7Brapp:

    Go to your address bar, after the word YOU and before the word TUBE, type in “win” then press enter” Post on any videos below.

  • AusJackal:

    @NixtonV No mate I can’t wait for it’s release here in Oz. And putting Milla and Ali in the same film is pure genius.

  • SuperFlipVideos:

    @MrCommonSense100 ur such a fucking douche bag u cock sucking fag

  • MrCommonSense100:

    @SuperFlipVideos We all know which game the fucking hammer giant is from you retard don’t try to act smug with something every fucking RE fan already knows,And learn how to spell you dip shit. Not trying to be mean…You stupid douche.

  • SuperFlipVideos:

    @MrCommonSense100 no acually the there from re5 dumbass not trying to be mean

  • tazmaller:


  • receivefreecash:

    I just watched the movie.. i thought it was going to be mediocre but trust me the 3d glasses you’ll wear will make the movie seem incredibly real. The trailer sucks in comparison to the movie.

  • TheRedspike:

    only thing hotter then a hot Russian is a hot Russian with a gun killing zombies

  • FernandoTVdotCOM:

    Mila is just….hot. -nuff said.

  • mcpmmc:

    she’s amazing

  • MoeFe:

    @kornfanatic2008 thats wassup! thanks!

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @MoeFe I will tell her that Moe! A Fan On you-Tube says: That she is an inspiration to him! ^-^ She’s the only hollywood celeb that really inspires me!

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @NewAmericanGoth XD I like you! …Ya I problly would to! XD

  • MoeFe:

    Im just fascinated with her beauty! anyway i was joking but who knows.. i am handsome and a gentlemen, im too young to get married but I will keep my eyes peeeeeled lol women like these need good husbands to keep them happy glad shes successful, much support from me, tell her i said shes inspiring please thanks

  • NewAmericanGoth:

    @kornfanatic2008 Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still see it. Milla could sit there and read a newspaper for 2 hours and I’d still see it.

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @NewAmericanGoth Have u seen some of the brand new RE: Afterlife behind the scenes videos?….They look so Great. Really good!

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @irftw1 LOL! It’s not my fault!…I’v been infected by the T-Virus! XD

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @MoeFe LOL! She’s married though…Fail! But If anything I’m glad 2 be friends with her at least! ^-^

  • MoeFe:

    @kornfanatic2008 hook it up with a date!

  • irftw1:

    @kornfanatic2008 lawl obsessed much? lol

  • kornfanatic2008:

    @MoeFe lol. She’s pretty Kool! alot of fun 2 hang out with! If you’v watched her interviews…She really is like that. She does laugh alot & is really down to earth!

  • MoeFe:

    @kornfanatic2008 are you serious?! I dont believe you lol

  • saint168:

    I’ll wait for this movie on Netflix

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