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The 5th Quarter — $0.2M

Inspired by the tragic true-life story of high school starting quarterback Luke Abbate, who died as a result of injuries sustained in a reckless driving incident just four days shy of his 16th birthday, director Rick Bieber’s earnest docudrama shows how Luke’s untimely death motivated his older brother Jon to lead the Wake Forest football team through the most successful season in the school’s history, and saved the lives of five people in desperate need of organ transplants. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi [more]

legends of the guardians or resident evil afterlife movie?

Question by Elijah D: legends of the guardians or resident evil afterlife movie?
okay 2 great are coming out on september, and i need to choose one to watch. i am a fan of the resident evil movies and the trailer looks fantastic, also more zombies and new monsters. and while i was in the theater when i was watching the last airbender, i saw the trailer of legend of the guardians, and the animations looks great, and story is intriguing. so which one should i watch, can somebody give me some reasons which movie i should watch.

Best answer:

Answer by rustykidrullz
id go with afterlife since its an action horror movie.

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“Soul Surfer” Los Angeles Premiere – After Party

(L-R) Actress AnnaSophia Robb producer Bob Berney and actress Lorraine Nicholson attend the after party for the "Soul… 

Crunch – Fat Burning Ab Attack

Instructor Catherine Chiarelli helps viewers achieve the abdominal appearance they want in CRUNCH – FAT BURNING AB ATTACK. This workout is, obviously, specially designed to eliminate fat around the stomach area and sculpt the abdominal muscles, creating the desirable “washboard abs” look. Not only does the routine help to develop the wanted abs look, but it also offers hints and techniques to maintain abdominal strength and appearance.

Adrianne Palicki: “Wonder Woman” in Action

Hard at work on the set of her newest project, Adrianne Palicki once again hit the pavement of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles last night (March 30).

The 27-year-old suited up in true “Wonder Woman” style, sporting the famous red and gold bustier, muted blue bottoms and shiny red leather boots as she filmed some heart-pumping action scenes.

Earlier this month, the first snapshots of the super-heroine’s costume hit the web – and were met with some serious criticism after Palicki’s pants appeared to be made of too-tight and too-bright vinyl and her boots were blue and heeled instead of their original red flat pair.

After a ferocious fan outcry, costumers quickly worked to alter the nostalgic outfit back to it’s original crime-fighting form.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 3 At Worlds End Trailer

Click the following link for Your Apple® iPad on Us – —– This is a fan made trailer done with the episode of the first half of season 3 of Avatar mixed with the trailer of pirates of the caribbean 3. I am planning on making a sequel to this video using the next set of episodes of book 3, once they are all out. I am not entirely sure what trailer I will use for that video though.

Resident Evil: Afterlife (Blu-ray Disc, 2010)

Resident Evil: Afterlife (Blu-ray Disc, 2010)

End Date: Monday Mar-7-2016 14:43:16 PST
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End Date: Tuesday Feb-23-2016 22:08:03 PST
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Resident Evil: Afterlife (Blu-ray Disc, 2010)
End Date: Monday Feb-29-2016 12:46:52 PST
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Is it just me or would Robert Pattinson and Blake Lively be a good couple?

Question by Ilga: Is it just me or would Robert Pattinson and Blake Lively be a good couple?
Not only are they laid back and down to earth individuals in real life, but Robert Pattinson is a Taurus and Blake Lively is a Virgo. (Soul mates)
They share the same interests, and they kind of have the same cute squinty eyes.

Best answer:

Answer by m
nope! robert pattinson & me! would make a great couple(:

haha yeah actually, i think they would look cute togther.

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Please download resident evil afterlife and email the mp4 file to me?

Question by RebelRebel: Please download resident evil afterlife and email the mp4 file to me?
can someone PLEASE download resident evil afterlife in mp4 format, and send the file to my friends email
go on , search resident evil afterlife mp4 , pick one thats more than 100 mb and download it, and email it to me please? I’ll give you aroung 100 points on here for free.

Best answer:

Answer by AdeL
cnt email anything bigger dan 1gb
jus get utorrent (frm
n go2 2 fynd dwnload it urself

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Test Drive Unlimited 2 Oficial Trailer (xbox360 – PC – ps3) – TDU2 Oficial Video

The videogame landscape is filled with racing games. With such a crowded genre, how are developers supposed to create a product that can stand out from the rest while still maintaining a certain familiarity to capture an audience in the first place? The developers at Eden Studios are tackling these challenges in Test Drive Unlimited 2, a “massively open online racer” that combines the online functionality of an MMO with a traditional arcade racer. I recently had the chance to sit down and watch a demonstration of Test Drive Unlimited 2 and I was impressed with the amount of multiplayer options available to players. With a lovely Mediterranean locale and some extremely exotic cars to drive, Test Drive Unlimited 2 has the potential to be the next great multiplayer racer. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is set on the island of Ibiza. The developers at Eden Studios used actual topographic information to design the environment and recreated a number of the island’s towns in detail. All the road networks are designed to be as true to life as possible, so players will feel like they’re really racing on Ibiza itself. The island has a full day/night cycle (and weather effects!) which spans approximately two hours, so players will be driving their cars of choice through rainy nights and brilliant sunsets. But like the first Test Drive Unlimited, this sequel isn’t just about racing. Test Drive Unlimited 2 is designed to celebrate a luxury lifestyle in a number of ways, from expensive cars to