2010-07-11b Classic Bullock

*I claim no ownership of this video*

3 Responses to “2010-07-11b Classic Bullock”

  • mcghiemegan:

    Omg Sandy is so nice!

  • Addisongasm:

    yeah, it’s kinda weird listening to her talking about hilary clinton’s case. *sigh* anyway, lucky, LUCKY guy!!! oh god, he handled it really well. i would start crying if i met her. lol. not like it’s ever gonna happen, fml.

  • honeebun:

    OMG I didn’t think I could like her any more hahaha but she is SUCH a sweetheart!! And funny as usual! Kinda eerie about the whole “what would you do if you were Hillary Clinton” thing…foreshadowing much? I wish she DID hit Jesse James with a pan!!!!

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