Kyla Ebbert & Martin S. Reed Discuss Southwest

Kyla Ebbert’s Los Angeles lawyer Martin S. Reed appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, Friday September 7, 2007. When Martin S. Reed was asked by Matt Lauer if what Southwest Airlines had done was legal he replied, “If Paris Hilton had been on that plane they would have asked to take pictures with her and then shown her to her seat. According to Southwest there is no dress code so they can’t enforce one.” When asked by Matt Lauer if they planned to sue Southwest. Martin S. Reed strategically replied, “We are considering all the facts and circumstances.”

25 Responses to “Kyla Ebbert & Martin S. Reed Discuss Southwest”

  • Gtrplyr1:

    damn who would complain?

  • LadyGlamophonic:

    since when do airlines have dress codes? her skirt is a bit short but thats it, if i saw a girl on a flight with this outfit i wouldn’t be offended by it, i wouldn’t even notice it or think anything of it. it’s just weirdly prudish to tell her to get off the flight because her outfit is inappropriate. its not. the skirt is just a bit short and thats all get over it! what kind of bullshit is this

  • CfuHmong:

    she have the rights to dress however she wants.. they just butt hurted..

  • hawasawayahawa:

    Another example of flight attendants’ abuse of the FAA regulations. Federal law forces individual to complay with the instructions of flight attendants. It doesn’t give them the right to become the fassion police.

  • hawasawayahawa:

    This is NOT a dumb story, you dumbass! This is worthy of reporting in a country that, as far as I remember, isn’t Saudi Arabia

  • redbrest:

    Same as with all the other airport and airline reports of late.
    Mandatory nude flying, no more bombs in underwear or shoes, no more dumb story’s like this, the air would be a safer place and wed all feel better.

  • Lauraukify:

    It is the fact the Employee did not use discrestion what so ever, he berated her in front of all, the passengers. The employee was unprofessional.

  • moergelisau:

    Why did she get time on tv to explain herself? She did fly, didn’t she? So, what’s the matter…

  • aeddym:

    the mother should be embarrassed of herself!
    what a team they make!

  • setelefonando:

    I would pay extra money, for a long fly with her next to me

  • LadyGlamophonic:

    I hate her outfit but it doesn’t offend me so much that I’d complain about it.

    Bottom line is the airline had absolutely NO rules regarding passengers dressing appropriatly. None.

    So they have no right to tell her to cover up, ive flown to spain lots of times and other hot places and people would all be wearing shorts and skirts and vest tops but they didnt have a body like hers so maybe thats why they thought it was provocative in some way.

  • MobHeataEnt:

    more like to trashy to fly

  • manhoot:

    IF airlines would raise fares, we would see a lot of bottom feeder trash NOT flying and staying in the trailer parks where they belong.

  • idonotcair:

    get more ppl like that as many as the plane can handle 18+ plane trip thats is what needs to be done get playboy on that gem of an idea

  • thelegendarypaki:

    I think her skirt is a little too short, but the airlines is acting like assholes.

  • appleshampoo84:

    Her bare ass is touching the seat… Or her knickers, if Playboy/Hooters chicks wear anything substantial.
    Dangerous precedent to set – what about the old women wearing those 40yr old woman shorts?
    Those kinda skirts ride up as many of us know.
    She opened herself up (probably while she was crossing her legs SharonStone style) to criticism like this/that. At least now we all know SWA boundaries.
    I’d like to see her in church like that. But a plane isn’t church..

  • IrishCat04:

    c’mon!! I travel all the time and I saw sluttier women than her on flights…

  • MeltnButta:

    Put lipstick on a PIG it’s still a PIG. Put clothes on a skank, it’s still a skank.

    BTW: Innocent Kyla was a HOOTERS waitress. And her little run-in landed her a spread in Playboy. Coincidence? I think not.

    If she wants to dress like a whore, let her do it at work (Hooters) or the Playboy Mansion (her new job) or on a pole (the one after playboy).

    if you guys want to go see her, PAY for it. We don’t nee to see it on an airplane or in public.

  • bdyan1:

    wth let her fly!
    i dont get how people can get offended by people wearing sexy clothe

  • Chiledelaire:


  • Brandonisrad18:

    And you’re jealous, lets see what yo ass wear everyday..too many people tryng to tell other people what to do with their lives because they don’t have one of their own how sad.

  • Donlakyounomoah:

    As an old bag who would never wear what she’s wearing….I think she looks fine. I see lots of young ladies at the mall, out walking, etc., dressed exactly the same way. I see nothing wrong with her outfit. We wore mini skirts and hot pants in the 1960’s!

  • barnyardbabe:

    so true

  • jayteso:

    your all pathetic losers period nobody cares what you have to say if you don’t agree with her outfit it’s because your jealous your OPINION doesn’t matter to anyone but yourself it is not correct it is a waste of breath from a waste of sperm that being yourself go fuck yourselfs you pathetic loser and get a life shes smoking hot and you are not period facial in your face go fuck yourself losers.

  • up666yours:

    looking for something, oh money

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