‘Toy Story 3′ is flawless fun

Toy Story Director Brings Film To Hospital
The director of Toy Story 3 has held special screenings of the film for children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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Toy Story 3: fitting finale or tired rehash?
Will Woody and Buzz’s final outing be a shallow retread of its predecessors or an emotionally fulfilling conclusion to the saga? The basics Toy Story 3 arrives 11 years after the last instalment, and 15 years after Toy Story, the film that catapulted Pixar into the public conciousness and transformed the world of motion picture animation forever. But with the exception of a few characters whose …

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‘Toy Story 3′ is flawless fun
One word description: FunThe trilogy strikes again, but thankfully “Toy Story 3″ is an excellent animated movie that lives up to the original. Andy is leaving for college, and when his toys are accidentally donated to a day care center, hilarity…

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