What can I do with a Netflix buffering issue?

I have watched netflix movies for a while without an issue. Lately I have a buffering issue. The movie plays for five minutes then quits. Sometimes it rebuffers and other times it does not. I have called netflix but no resolvable answers. I have switched to open dns, no help. I called quest, no help. I use wireless dsl. I never used to have an issue so any ideas are appreciated, thanks.

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6 Responses to “What can I do with a Netflix buffering issue?”

  • Wally Z:

    The problem is probably with your computer, especially if it is the same one that was working before. I would go through and start doing the normal tuning functions on your own PC first.

  • Dr.MoonFaker:

    I had the same problem, its with their new updated player, i was getting buffering and skips and shutters. I had to just cancel as it was not my end, It always worked before and I have a 20meg connection,4 GB ram and fast processor. When I called them, they even admitted there were issues with their new instant layer. Maybe it will be ironed out soon but i did not want to pay and wait. this was two weeks ago.

  • Greg:

    I have the same problem and can not get no assistance from Netflix. Any ideas? I’m about to do the same, cancel my service.

  • john herndon:

    i watch netflix movies during the day and have no buffering problems. it’s only at night that the problem occurs. i have a highspeed dsl and highspeed router (2.4 gig), my guess is that the problem is netflix servers become swamped as customers arrive home from work and school and begin to watch movies. my point is that if my equipment has no problems during the day with any live streaming why would it all of a sudden have a problem at night? the problem is not the equipment, in my opinion, it is the source of the feed, netflix. however, this is only my opinion and may not be the facts.

  • Having problems with buffering, can recommend help before I cancel?

  • James Nobrega:

    My netflix movies constantly ‘rebuffering’ and stalls during the process..i need to know the solution please..

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