How fast of a wireless router do I need to watch Netflix’s streaming movies?

I want to be able to watch the movies from Netflix on a laptop that is connected through WiFi. Thank you.

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  • Ritchie F:

    If you want the best router out there, then get a “Wireless Router N”, I have a “Wireless Router G” and I have no problem streaming videos / movies all over my house!

  • J C:

    speed shouldn’t really be a problem, as long as you don’t have multiply computers hooked up, a average router should do.

  • Daniel S:

    Contrary to what some said, router speed does usually matter. I would say you should get a router that can push through 10MB/s just to be sure. You can probably get by with less, but for how long? If you’re interested in wireless without a router, you should check out WiMax from Clear. Its ultrafast wireless. Right now its only in the Portland, Oregon area, but it will be expanded to other metropolitan areas soon.

  • Daniel A:

    The speed of the wireless router is really not relevant since all wireless routers, even 802.11b (old standard), is 11 mbps (Megabites per second). Most internet connections are far below this speed so your connection to the internet is the real limiting factor.

    Netflix streaming is available at 3 different levels. Basic which is 500 kb/sec or 0.5 mbps, Good 1 mbps, and High which is 1.6 – 2.2+ mbps.

    Poor reception however can significantly slow down your connection speed and therefore is also a factor. When the signal level drops below a certain level, the router and network card attempt to renegotiate at a slower speed to reestablish signal. Make sure your computer is close enough to your router with little interference to make sure you are getting the best possible speed from your router.

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