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iron man 2 war machine battle

a awesome review on iron man 2 this game will get a 10/10


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Kate Gosselin’s Patriotic Memorial Day Weekend

Having parted with ex-husband Jon one year ago, Kate Gosselin spent the Memorial Day weekend with her brood of children in Reading, Pennsylvania.

The TLC reality star mom was looking very patriotic on Sunday (May 30), as she and the kids placed flags in the ground outside the house.

During the course of the afternoon, Miss Gosselin and the little ones watched on and waved their goodbyes as little Cara headed off to a friends house for a sleepover party.

The happy family will soon be making their way back into households around the States – as Kate and the kids have a TLC special called “Kate Plus 8″ set to air on June 6.

Photo Credit: INF Daily

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angel and shrek boxing

angel and shrel boxing

Star Trek TNG – 72 – Menage a Troi Part 4

Star Trek TNG – 72

How long does it take for the post office to forward my netflix to the new address?

I forgot to change my address on netflix, but I have filled out one of those mail forwarding forms in the post office. How long will it take for them to mail it to my new address?

What is a celebrity that has blonde hair and bangs?

Me and my sis like playing barbie…WHAT? WE CAN LIKE IT! And so, anyways, we like to play barbie, and I want the Wild Fashionsta barbie, but I want it to be a singer! So what’s a good singing celebrity with blonde hair and bangs BESIDES Lady Gaga and Hannah Montana.

Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving at SkyVenture Arizona.

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 5

‘Marmaduke’ Stills

Owen Wilson stars in the adaptation of the popular cartoon 

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