A Celebrity for the Barbeque: Season 4, Episode 3, Part 1

Part 1 of 4 Season 4, Episode 3: A Celebrity for the Barbeque Original Air Date: 19 September 1993 Hyacinth is elated to find out that Richard is an acquaintance of the famed garden centre proprietor, CP Benedict, so decides to have an “indoors outdoors luxury barbeque” with CP as the guest of honor. Meanwhile, Daisy is convinced that Onslow is seeing another woman.

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  • Jenny8817:

    where can i find more outtakes i would love ot see more of them

  • Rheesoman:

    lols, I was 3 years old when this was first air date.


    Haha youre right thanks

  • Hagar7:

    These weren’t made with a laugh track; they were filmed in front of a live studio audience (check the outtakes).

  • cablebot3000:

    You’d think by now that Elizabeth would just learn to relax, she should be use to everything by now.

  • Siberiaeterna:

    I don’t think Clive Swift(Richard)intended to laugh at 4:10 but the effect is super!

  • MrFryhead957:

    i wish i could be sure, ur so attractive to women. lol.

  • StoliDassah:

    well, politically, they are. but since they aren’t part of “the continent”, they’re sort of their own entity.

  • StoliDassah:


  • 7bigmike7:

    Poor Elizabeth,

  • Tonza:

    Heinz ketchup? They ruined good old recipe, by puting it too much vinegar.

  • johnduttinefan:

    i love british shows

    heartbeat and keeping up apperances is my favorites

  • astarke12:


  • JeevesReturns:

    What I want for Christmas: Sheridon to come home unannounced and find Richard beating the crap out of her.

  • JeremyRemixes:

    Not true.. Heinz is the best…and I am American.. lol..

  • Siberiaeterna:

    As a french woman I have to say that show and “Allo,Allo” are THE BESTS SHOWS I’ve ever seen.Thanks brittish people!

  • pspboy7:

    Yeah, British and Canadians like Heinz better than Americans do. I live in Canada and Heinz is like found everywhere.

  • pspboy7:

    One of my favorite shows of all time.

  • Jenny8817:

    I love this show it is funny and i am glad they have every episode of this as well as are you being served

  • donufro:

    5:26 I’m work-shy, bone idle and out ‘a’ condition!” lol

    I love the way British phrase things

  • jprbritishcritic:

    “you know me, I don’t have a snobbish bone in my body!”

    Modesty is clearly one of Mrs Buckets specialities :)

  • jamboreeband:

    What a superb show, I look at one show everyday it’s a pity they stopped making them, but I still enjoy every minute…….

  • drftgrl:

    hahaha poor Liz aye

  • drftgrl:

    They had him at their BBQ

    And what did it taste like?

    Dont be silly dear


  • cheekycheekz:

    that was sooo funny at 6:40 how the coffee came out! hahahaha

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